Welcome to the Online Guitar Classroom! This website is a resource for guitar students and contains valuable information and video lessons that will help you reach your individual playing goals. I have tried to create convenient categories for the video lessons.

The Getting Started Section will help teach you everything that you need to know to begin playing the instrument correctly. This section assumes that students have no prior knowledge of the guitar.

The Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method Vol. 1 Section provides video tutorials for all of the pieces in this beginner’s method book. This is the resource that I use with all of my beginning students at Buffalo Creek Guitar Company.

The Blues Section provides an in depth study of the Blues progression and the blues scale. We will learn the blues progression in several keys and using several different chord voicings.

The Music Theory Section provides you with a brief overview of several musical terms and more detailed explanations of several music theory concepts as they apply to the guitar.

If you are interested in scheduling face-to-face lessons with me, please contact Buffalo Creek Guitar Company. If you would like to schedule distance lessons with me via Skype or Facetime, please contact me at my personal blog here.


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