Blues Scale in A

This lesson will teach you how to play the Blues Scale in the Key of A. You should already have a good understanding of the Twelve Bar Blues in A before trying to play the
Blues Scale. The Blues Scale is used extensively in Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, and other contemporary styles of music. After learning the Blues Scale you will be able to construct a melody over the Twelve Bar Blues Progression that we learned in Lesson 1.

Blues Scale in A: Be sure to adhere to the fingerings that are indicated below the TAB of the scale position.


    1   4  1   2   3 1   3  1   3   4   1   4  1   4

Here are just a few tips on ways to practice the scale:

  1. Play the scale from the lowest to the highest note and then back to the lowest note using all down strokes with the pick
  2. Do the same thing (low to high back to low) using all upward strokes with the pick
  3. Do the same thing, but alternate down-up strokes (aka. alternate picking)
  4. Do the same thing, but alternate up-down strokes

After you have the scale in your fingers, try to improvise a melody over the backing track below.


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